Frequently Asked Questions






First Steps


How can I make Houseinhand KNX recognize my home?

Houseinhand KNX needs two files to recognize your home. These files are the configuration file (cfg extension) and license file (hih extension). If these two files are already transferred to the app, the only thing that may be configured is the network settings. To access network settings go to iPhone/iPad built-in settings app and search for Houseinhand KNX.

What devices can I control with Houseinhand KNX?

With Houseinhand KNX you will be able to control almost all KNX devices like lights (simple, adjustable and RGB), shutters (simple, with position control or even Gradhermetic® and Velux®), climate (set-point, KNX climate mode and temperature viewers), weather stations (rain, light and temperature viewers), central functions and KNX scenes, IP cameras, audiovisual devices, and video intercoms. It also has, two generic widgets (1bit and 1Byte) that allow integrating almost everything else that has not a dedicated widget.

Does Houseinhand KNX require extra hardware to work?

Houseinhand KNX connects directly to any KNX IP gateway or router. So it does not need extra hardware or servers.

I have transferred the cfg and/or license file but nothing happens.

For the changes to take effect please close Houseinhand KNX from the multitask bar. To do that, double-click the iPhone or iPad home button, and the multitask bar will appear. Then, long tap on Houseinhand KNX icon until it starts shaking. To close it press the little red button in the upper left corner. The next time you launch Houseinhand, it will load the files you have transferred to it.

What steps do I need to follow to try the demo version?

First of all download Houseinhand KNX from the App Store and Houseinhand Designer from Then create a .cfg file with up to 6 widgets using Houseinhand Designer and transfer it to your device as explained in the manuals. No license file required.

Is Houseinhand KNX v1.x compatible with iOS7?

Apple’s new iOS7 operating system includes important changes that make the current Houseinhand 1.7 and older versions not working correctly.

We hope our new version of Houseinhand 2.0 will be available even before iOS7 release, but if that is not the case if you have Houseinhand v.1.x installed on your mobile device, we recommend you to wait before upgrading to iOS7 until Houseinhand 2.0 is available, otherwise, you will not be able to use Houseinhand 1.x on iOS7.

The upgrade from Houseinhand 1.x to Houseinhand 2.0 will be fast and will only require a simple user registration. We will inform you in detail shortly of the whole process.








What is “Autodiscover IP”?

Houseinhand KNX needs to know the KNX IP gateway or router IP address to connect to it. This can be done two different ways. It is possible to enter it manually or to tell Houseinhand to find this IP address by itself. If auto discover IP is enabled, Houseinhand KNX will search that IP address and then connect to it. Otherwise, it will use main IP or alternative IP depending on the main IP switch. Autodiscover IP is only recommended when connecting from inside the local area network.

How can I connect from outside my home?

Houseinhand KNX allows to connect to KNX installations even from outside the local area network. There are two different ways to do that. The first one is setting up a VPN (virtual private network) on the iPhone/iPad. This way, the communication is encrypted and Houseinhand KNX will connect to the KNX IP router or gateway using its private IP address. (this IP address must be configured manually in Houseinhand KNX settings, auto discover IP function will not work) The other way is using PAT (port address translation)

What do you recommend when connecting from outside? VPN or PAT?

For many people, PAT (port address translation) is easier to setup than VPN (virtual private network) connections. Also, some ISP (Internet service providers) block VPN connections. Houseinhand KNX will work with these two methods but we strongly recommend VPN because of its encryption. It is the safest option.

Why PAT is not working when connecting over 3G/2G but is working when connecting to WiFi?

It is a known issue that some mobile ISP (internet service providers) are blocking PAT. It is not a Houseinhand KNX issue, it will happen with every service that needs PAT to work. The solution may be using VPN or change your ISP.

What is “Gateway type”?

Not all the IP routers and gateways work the same way. They interpret KNX protocol differently in some situations. Sometimes, a connection error will appear after 30 seconds of launching Houseinhand KNX despite it has been successfully connected to the KNX IP router or gateway. In this case, you must change the gateway type switch and this error will disappear.

Which IP routers and gateways are compatible with Houseinhand KNX?

Houseinhand KNX is compatible with KNX protocol so it should be able to connect to every single KNX IP router or gateway that is KNX compliant. Despite this, not all KNX IP routers or gateways interpret the protocol the same way. To solve this problem, a switch called gateway type has been added to the Houseinhand KNX settings.
If there is no need for a KNX IP router, it is recommended to use a KNX IP gateway because it is cheaper and is enough for Houseinhand KNX. Some compatible KNX IP gateways are JUNG IPS 100 REG, SIEMENS N148,…

Will Houseinhand KNX switch to alternative IP/Port if main IP/Port can not be accessed?

No. Houseinhand KNX will connect to main or alternative IP depending on main IP switch. If it is enabled it will connect to main IP, otherwise to alternative IP.






Multimedia devices


What do I need to control a multimedia device?

Houseinhand KNX needs extra hardware to connect to an IR controlled multimedia device. Specifically, it needs an IP to IR gateway. At the moment, Houseinhand KNX is compatible with these IR gateways:

Global cache (

  • GC-100
  • iTach WiFi to IR (ref WF2IR)
  • iTach IP to IR (ref IP2IR)
  • IP to IR with POE (ref IP2IR-P)

IRTrans ( Only models with database (-DB reference):

  • IRTrans Ethernet
  • IRTransEthernet POE
  • IRTrans WiFi
  • IRTrans LAN I/O (nomes Ethernet, NO RS232)
  • IRTrans LAN Controller (nomes Ethernet, NO RS232)
  • IRTrans LAN Controller XL (nomes Ethernet, NO RS232)
  • IRTrans LAN Controller XXL (nomes Ethernet, NO RS232)
  • IRTrans LAN Controller Multistream 16 (nomes Ethernet, NO RS232)

Which IP Cameras are supported in Houseinhand KNX?

Houseinhand KNX has two IP camera dedicated widgets. One for Mobotix IP cameras and one for AXIS IP cameras. These two widgets have video quality control so depending on the connection speed, the user can change between low, mid and high profiles. Some integrators had luck using one of these widgets with other brand IP cameras.

Which multimedia devices can I control with Houseinhand KNX?

Houseinhand KNX can control almost all IR controlled devices using IRTrans and Global Cache.








Can I test or buy new Houseinhand KNX licenses?

No. HouseinHand KNX is only available for current users and no new user registration is allowed.

As a current user, can I purchase any additional licenses?

No. New licenses can not be purchased anymore.

Can I still use my Houseinhand KNX licenses?

Yes. Your current licenses are still operative. Keep in mind that we recommend not to update your iOS and Android versions to keep backward compatibility.

What would happen with my license if my device gets lost/stolen/damaged?

The licenses are unique for each installation and device, so if you get a new device you should update this information from your user web application. Direct to and visit the license section.




What are the environments? How can I create one?

The environments are some scenes that are configured by the end user for everyday situations. For example “I’m working” or “family dinner”. It is explained how to configure them in the user manual.

How do I change my background pictures in iPad app?

You can find this information explained in the user manual.